Booking Process

How do I place a rental order?

You can place an order by completing our contact form or email us at info@stagesofdecor.com

How long is a quote valid?

Our quotes are valid for 14 days from the quote creation date. After payment is received, we will not change the rental price unless the event setup location has changed, and, therefore, travel and time costs need to be recalculated. If the payment is not received after 14 days of quote creation. The price is subject to the current prices and rental availability at that time

Can we book an appointment to view the rentals?

Yes, we accept appointments to view our faux floral centrepieces, floral backdrop garlands and flower walls only.

Can you deliver, set up & pick up?

Yes, we can deliver, set up, or pick up for an additional cost within the GTA. The price depends on the planning process, event location, time, items, employees, and transportation fee (truck rental, fuel & km). Please note: There will be an additional fee for after-hours pickup and take down. After-hours is anytime after 9 PM. For more significant styled events, such as; Weddings & Corporate, higher Styling Fee rates will be applied.

Can I pick up and return my rental?

Yes, our rentals can be picked up and returned as long as you have a suitable size vehicle for pickup. Most of our items are delicate and must be handled with care. We do our best to wrap and store all rental items for safe transportation. Some things are heavy and will require more than one person to transport and set up; for this reason, we suggest getting our rate for delivery and set up.

What is the rental period?

Our pricing is based on a 1-3 day rental period depending on the items and the date. If you need an extension on the rentals, additional fees will apply, and the rental extension will need to be requested before the items are picked up.

Where is the pickup location?

We have two pickup locations in Mississauga. Once we know which rental items are needed, we will advise the location.

Can I call you on the day of my event if I need assistance?

Absolutely! We encourage clients to call us for assistance setting up any of our rentals.

When can I pick up and return my rentals?

We allow pick up 1-2 days before the event date, and the return can be the same day as pick up or the following day after the event. Rentals must be returned no later than 8 PM.


Can the rentals be used for outdoor events?

No. All of our rental items are for indoor use only. Due to the unpredictability of the weather and acts of God, outdoor use is prohibited. We reserve the right not to accept any outdoor weddings and events due to the delicate and expensive nature of our faux florals, plinths, flower walls, neon signs and all other rental items belonging to Stages of Decor. We will confirm your event location on all inquiries.

What will happen if I damage or misplay the rentals?

We will obtain a quote for shipping, repair, or replacement for damages or failure to return any Stages of Decor items and deduct the amount required from the security deposit. We will invoice you for the additional cost if the replacement or repair amount is more than the initial security deposit collected. We will provide you with the Third-party receipts of the amount due to Stages of Decor to cover the shipping repair or replacement cost.

Can you make custom faux floral arrangements for my event?

No, we do not take any requests for custom orders. We will only rent the faux floral arrangements in Stages of Décor's inventory if available at your booking.

Are the flowers real?

No, our flowers are not real. The flower walls, centrepieces and backdrop garlands are made from quality artificial silk flowers. Please note: we do not offer fresh flowers.

What should I do if a flower falls off?

Not to worry, this will occasionally happen during transport or set up. You can either glue the flower back in place or leave it in the plastic. DO NOT throw away any flowers that may come loose or fall off in your care.

Do the Floral Centrepieces need a vase?

No, the centrepieces can be used with or without a vase.

What materials are the Flower Walls?

The Flower Walls are made from artificial flowers glued to a thick fabric panel.

How many pieces is the Flower Wall?

The 4ft x 8ft wall includes one flower panel. Depending on the Wall, the 8ft x 8ft flower wall is (2) pieces of 4ft x 8ft panels and (4) 2ft x 2ft flower panels.

How do you put the Flower Wall panels together?

The flower wall will either have velcro or zipper backing to attach the curtain flower panels. For security and sturdiness, you must connect the panels and secure them to the backdrop stand and upright poles.

Can I attach my sign to the Flower Wall?

Yes. You can attach your neon, wood or acrylic sign to the flower wall. Please note that you must only attach the sign with a zip tie or fishing line.

Do you provide the backdrop stand for the Flower Wall?

Yes, we include a pipe and drape backdrop set with the flower wall. The backdrop set consists of 5 pieces: 2 uprights, 1 crossbar, and 2 bases. A few of the walls will require backdrop weights that we will include.

Can I move the décor during my event?

For installment services provided by the Stages of Décor team, we ask that you do NOT move or reposition the Flower Wall and Neon Sign once we have setup. We have carefully set up the Flower Wall and Neon Sign in a way that will not cause the wall to tip or the sign to fall off.

After the Event: If you had take-down services included, please allow the Stages of Décor team to dismantle the backdrop and remove the neon sign after the event. Please do NOT remove the Neon Sign until our team has arrived to do so.

How are the floral centrepieces and Flower Walls protected?

The centrepieces will be in individual plastic covering, and the Flower Wall panels will be in separate plastic covers and polyester bags.

What should I do about crushed flowers on the Flower Wall or Faux Centrepieces?

The flowers may be crushed during transport. You can use your hands or a steamer to fluff the flowers back into place.

How long does it take to set up the Flower Wall?

The flower wall can take you between 20-60mins to set up. For setup services provided by Stages of Décor, the setup can take about 2 hours. This is because we will lightly steam the flower walls so that they will be perfectly fluffed.

Can you make a custom Neon Sign?

No, we do not make custom neon signs.

Can the neon sign change colours?

No, unfortunately, our signs cannot change colour.

How do I turn on the Neon Sign?

All our neon signs require you to plug the sign into an outlet. A few of our neon signs are operated by a remote control which will be included with the sign.

How do I hang the Neon Sign Sign?

There are four holes in the acrylic part of the sign; two at the top and two at the bottom. You can feed a fishing line or zip ties through the two holes at the top of the sign and suspend it from your backdrop.

Can I turn down the brightness of the Neon Sign?

Yes, our neon signs will include a dimmer switch; however, the light will still radiate.

Please Note: We cannot control any bright glare that may be emitted from the Neon Sign in your pictures.

What is included with the Neon Sign?

The neon sign is bubble wrapped inside a canvas bag for protection and easy transport. The sign will include a charger and a backup charger. Upon request, we can provide you with a fishing line and zip ties to hang the sign. Please note: the neon sign is intended for indoor use only. No sticky adhesive is allowed on the sign.

How do I know the neon sign is working?

We carefully inspect the neon signs after it is returned from a rental service. Before you pick up the sign, we will examine the sign again and plug the sign in to verify that it is working. Upon your arrival for pick up, we will have you carefully inspect the neon sign before us to verify all parts included and that there were no chips or cracks on the acrylic part of the sign before your departure with the sign.

Do you rent table linens or furniture?

No. We do not rent or provide chairs, tableware, candles, drapes, marquee letters, props, panel backdrops, or other similar décor items. Please note: We do not offer any balloon services.

How should I return the plinths?

Please ensure the plinths are free of food by gently wiping them away with a paper towel and warm water. Please DO NOT use any glass cleaner products or Windex on the plinth, as we use only a special cleaner for acrylic materials. Once cleaned, wrap the plinth back in the bubble wrap; base foam and spandex covering are provided for the plinth upon pickup. Please note: the plinth is intended for indoor use only, and no sticky adhesive is allowed on the plinths.


Is a deposit required?

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER FEE IS DUE AT THE TIME OF BOOKING FOR ALL RENTALS AND SERVICES. The retainer fee will be applied toward the total balance.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes. All rentals will be charged a security deposit. The security deposit is refundable if our rentals are returned in their original condition and all parts.

When Is the Full Payment due?

The remaining balance is due in FULL 30 days before the event. If any rentals are booked within two weeks of the event date, FULL payment is due immediately after the client receives the invoice.

What happens if I break, damage or misplace something?

The customer is responsible for the breakage, scratch, loss, damage, and return of equipment in the same condition as received. The replacement cost will vary depending on the extent of the damaged or missing product.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

We accept e-Transfer and Cash only.

Changes & Cancellations

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes, you can change your order without penalty up to 72 hours before your delivery or customer pickup date. We will do our best to accommodate any last-minute additions to your order, and additional charges may apply.

What happens if I do not use part of my rental order?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund any unused items once the rentals have been picked up by the customer or once we have arrived at the venue for set up.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. Once the 50% retainer fee is received, it is non-refundable.

What is your cancellation policy?

If the event is changed or cancelled for ANY reason, you will be offered a credit for the full amount paid. This credit will not expire and can be redeemed at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: Our policies and pricing are subject to change with or without prior notice.

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